Kumardev Chatterjee

Founder and President, European Young Innovators Forum

Kumardev is a highly regarded Young Innovation leader, top-tier ICT industry professional, European Commission appointed expert and New York Times published opinion leader, all by the age of 35.

Kumardev has been involved in the design and setting up of the Horizon 2020 SME instrument over the last three years and who as a European commission appointed independent expert, has evaluated proposals for the European Commission for a €20 Million grant portfolio in 2013. Mr. Chatterjee has extensive competences as an experienced ICT expert, industry professional and innovator and entrepreneur himself. Mr. Chatterjee has a long history of involvement in EU policy, grants, proposals, and projects and as such is seen as leading expert in the field.

Kumardev’s vision, opinions and views have been published by the New York Times, World Economic Forum, European Commission, European Business Summit, Microsoft and leading tech media across Europe. Kumardev is one of the 50 leading digital minds around the world who have been invited to contribute to the European Commission’s “Digital Minds for a New Europe”, alongside Eric Schmidt of Google. Kumardev is an Advisory Board member of the Journal of Innovation Management with Henry Chesbrough. In recognition of his Innovation leadership and the high-impact achievements of EYIF, the Intel and the European Commission have awarded Kumardev as an Innovation Luminary – Young Innovation Champion. Kumardev is both the youngest-ever recipient of this award and the first-ever Young Innovation Champion. Kumardev has been engaged in both the entrepreneurial world from the age of 14 when he started his first social business, and the ICT industry from the age of 19, when he started his first for-profit company as well as his corporate ICT career. He has broad experience in both public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as expertise in ICT Strategy, Innovation and Programmes in multiple industry domains over 15+ years, internationally.  Kumardev leads EYIF’s broad community of young innovators, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and led Europe’s first-ever delegation of Young Innovators on a joint US State Department-EYIF program, the InnotourUSA. Kumardev is responsible for EYIF’s key stakeholder relationships with the European Commission, US State Department, World Economic Forum, European Investment Fund, and Fortune 500 companies. He represents EYIF on various Expert Groups and Stakeholder Committees of the European Commission in the areas of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and ICT. Kumardev holds a MSc. in Computer Science, as a British Chevening Science Scholar.