Highlight of 2017 and a look to the future!


From Barcelona to Helsinki, from Paris to Tel Aviv, our team has been at more than 19 startup and innovation related events in 2017 alone, where we secured millions for our customers, made tons of friends, mentored hundreds of startups, held over 10 workshops and attended so many inspiring speeches!

Some of the year highlights

The year began with Unconvention, the European Young Innovators Forum flagship event, and one of the most important startup events in Belgium. The event hosted over 40 world renowned political and business leaders including Mr. Andrus Ansip the VP of the European Commission for the Digital Single Market, Mr. Jyriki Katainen also a VP of the European Commission but for Jobs and Competitiveness, Mr. Drik Ahlboorn the CEO of Hyperloop, and many others. Have a look at the event aftermath.

Later in the spring, we’ve attended many major startup events: 4YFN in Barcelona, CeBit in Hanover, Arctic 15 in Helsinki, and Latitude 59 in Talinn, Estonia. At Latitude 59 for instance, our CEO, Kumardev Chatterjee was invited to give a speech on  “The Future of Mobility”, sharing the panel with other high-level speakers such as Srikumaar Ganesan from Hyperloop One, Chantal Ambord from BlaBlaCar and Yuki Liu from OSVechile. Watch his keynote speech here.

You will be able to walk into an experience where the data and the actions have merged, which will create a what we call “always-on” aspect and this is not 5 years away, you will start seeing it next year.” (said Kumardev Chatterjee at Latitude 59).

Not long after, we had our first major success of the year: our client, Mobius Protection System won the highest project budget in Israel securing over €2.48 million for its SafeSeat invention!

After a well deserved summer break, we continued our scouting for the most disruptive tech startups at Pirate Summit, South Summit, WebSummit, and of course Slush. At South Summit, Louis Papaemmanuel, our Director, held a workshop on EU Funding for Startups where he gave a thorough overview on the objectives and the timeline of the programme, offering useful tips on how to write a successful proposal.

We are grateful in general for the overwhelmingly positive feedback we regularly receive from workshop participants. We feel inspired to see so much interest from young startup founders motivated to make a difference in the world!

Overall, taking into account this year’s successes we have now over 40 startups that secured EU Funds. The most recent one just came out this week: Caala, a German startup that won a Phase 1 with their innovative SaaS solution enabling architects to design sustainable buildings.

Partnering with the major tech conference in Europe and in the world

Together with the the European Young Innovators Forum, the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe, we have built innovation strategic partnerships with the major tech conferences in Europe and in the world, such as Mobile World Congress Barcelona and Shanghai, Startup Embassy in Palo Alto, CeBIT, EU-Startups Conference, Tech Open Air, Pirate Summit, South Summit, Startup Grind Barcelona, WebSummit, Slush or the European Venture Contest Final organised by TechTour.

It is now time to look to the future.

We have ambitious plans for 2018: we aim to consolidate our position as the leading EU Funding Consultancy for startups in Europe. Our expertise and experience makes as unique in delivering high value to young companies that want to bring their innovation to the market. 

We will be announcing new initiatives in January, take a break but yes, stay tuned for an amazing 2018 with EU Startup Services!

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