Emmanuel Nataf

I met with EU Startup Services Team early March 2016 and impressed by their track-record, I immediately decided to work with them on a Horizon 2020 Phase 2 proposal. The company assigned a senior writer to the project who quickly understood our business and helped make the process fast and flawless. After working with EU Startup Services for about 6 weeks, we submitted the proposal mid-April and got a positive response in May. Throughout the project, the EU Startup Services team also helped with most of the administrative work, which saved a lot of time.

Anand Ramdeo
Anand Ramdeo
There is no doubt about the expertise of EU Startup Services as far as SME instrument is concern. I supplied most of the information they required, however, presenting that information in the right format was their job and they did an excellent job. I was very happy with the final version of the proposal and do not think that I could have written my proposal in that way. I think it is not about what you are presenting, but how it is presented. They asked the right question, used the right language and guided me through the intricacies of completing the formalities. Without any problem. The responses from everyone involved in the application process were excellent. I never had to wait for or follow-up for anything. Whenever needed right people were available on email, Skype or phone. During the course of our application, I just assumed that it was my extended team. I chose EU Startup Services for SME Instrument Phase 1 grant preparations. I met Kumardev at one of the events in London and was impressed with his knowledge and expertise in the various aspects of the H2020 programme. Initially, I wasn't very comfortable with the up-front cost of preparing the application, however, after speaking with a few entrepreneurs and understanding their reasons, I agreed to pay. And I am glad that I did. On the face of it, it might appear that if they are charging upfront as well as success fees, they have no reason to say no to any proposal. However, I was convinced with the argument that they do want to work on only good proposals because that would give them better ROI for their time and effort.
Marco F. Urso
Marco F. Urso
We know that our firm has a huge potential, thanks to its breaking-through innovative solutions. Despite our strong expertise and skills, we failed twice in getting the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant, although we had excellent evaluations; always performing below the threshold. EU Startup Services did the trick, assisting us with a keen and accurate methodology that resulted in highlighting those concept's features that clearly made our proposal description above the excellence required by the EU. Their professionals are emphatic, fully skilled and 24/7 available in taking the best from the innovative idea and describing it for a successful deployment. That's what we really needed: the commercial assistance helped us also to tailor their support on our real needs, without any unnecessary waste of money: very fair and professional also on this side. Absolutely recommended.
David Salespoint
David Falk
I found the expertise level very high and would definitely recommend EU Startup Services. There is no way we could have done this without the support of EU Startup Services. The work with Mirella went very well. She was clear with the timings, friendly and helpful.
Daniel_Novak Blindshell
Daniel Novak
The expertise was very efficient and fast. We prepared the proposal in 2-3 working days, and that is what we liked the most 🙂 Work with the EU Startup Services team was really smooth.
Lola Garralda
Lola Garralda
I had always found EU funds out of my reach, either because I wasn´t sure if I qualified or simply because I didn’t understand what they were looking for, and that’s the mindset I went with to Kumar and his team’s workshop. However, they explained the whole process step by step, thoroughly yet clearly, so I walked away with a clear picture of how it all works, and how it can fit my start-up. I would highly recommend this workshop to every startup that is looking into EU funding, and even more so to those who aren’t considering it. They might be missing out on a game-changing opportunity.
Marcus Aschenbrenner, CEO of Hapticom
Marcus Aschenbrenner
After attending the very inspiring workshop in Munich we prepared our proposal for Phase 1 and chose the ‘proposal evaluation’ service. The great feedback from Kumardev and his team improved our documents substantially and helped us achieve the threshold, but not the funding. Believing in our potential we applied again, but this time we selected their product ‘proposal writing’. It finally worked out (total score is 14 out of 15 points) and we received the valuable grant. THANKS to everyone.
Torsten Schubert , CEO of Fine Art Print GmbH.
Torsten Schubert
Together with EU Startup Services we achieved to finalize and submit a first-class proposal. The cooperation was very close and targeted. We can recommend EU Startup Services with good conscience.
Steffen Poralla
Steffen Poralla
The consulting service provided by EU Startup Services was extremely valuable for our company and our application for EU funding by Horizon2020’s dedicated SME Instrument. The co-operation was highly professional and it was easy and pleasant to work with their team. They were available for questions anytime and created a convincing proposal. Although we had to meet a tight deadline and could not plan the proposal in the long run, they delivered excellent work. We’d recommend working with EUStartupServices and Kumardev’s team to any company interested in getting funding from the EU.
Andreas Hörr, co-founder of Venturate
Andreas Hörr
The European Union offers a variety of attractive subsidies and funding for businesses. However, for entrepreneurs dealing with the subject for the first time identifying the right funding program and filling out the application correctly is not easy. In his workshop Kumardev Chatterjee presented different funding programs and instruments in a very transparent way. Furthermore, he provided valuable tips on how entrepreneurs can apply succesfully for appropriate funding even they have restricted resources of time.
Irene Toporkoff
Has been a great step-by-step workshop. Very useful! Kumardev did a great job…Highly recommended!
Wiebe Poelmann
Having a great business isn’t enough. When submitting a proposal it is vital to know the ins and outs of Horizon 2020. And EU Startup Services  delivers just that. They helped us shape our report and emphasise the most important information necessary to meet the requirements. Kumardev and Nicholas greatly supported us through the entire process and their help was essential in receiving the funding. Besides delivering excellent knowledge and understanding of Horizon 2020,  they also try to leverage their personal networks and continually support us in growing our business.
Richard Lutschounig
Richard Lutschounig
I first met Kumardev Chatterjee at the EU Funding workshop held in Vienna, Austria. I’ve been impressed by his high expertise, knowledge and professionalism and we decided to go for the SME Phase 1. I would recommend EU Startup Services to those who want to have a smooth collaboration and fast results in a short time.