Data Protection & Privacy Assessment

data protection and privacy


This Privacy Assessment will help you to run a legal sanity check of your project under EU data protection law.

Whether you are developing a new product or providing a new service to your customers, this Privacy Assessment will help you to:

  • assess the level of compliance of your project with EU privacy and data protection laws;
  • identify any gaps in your compliance;
  • assess the risks of non-compliance;
  • identify the practical measures you need to put in place in order to remediate these risks; and
  • prioritise those remediation measures.

With the support of our external privacy adviser, Olivier Proust (Of Counsel at Fieldfisher), we will help you to analyse your project, identify any legal restrictions that may apply, assess any legal risks that may be associated with the processing of personal data and identify the key compliance measures you need to put in place in order to comply with European data protection laws.