SME Instrument budget for 2017 increased with € 51.6 million

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The Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-2017 has been updated on 25 July and  the SME Instrument budget has been increased to € 437.5 million to be invested in innovation small and medium-sized businesses.

The budget increase for 2017 concerns four topics:

  • Healthcare and biotechnology (SMEInst-05 topic) € 35 million
  • Sustainable agriculture, forestry (SMEInst-07 topic) € 5.68 million
  • Blue growth (SMEInst-08 topic) € 2.42 million
  • Climate action, environment, raw materials, resource efficiency (SMEInst-11 topic) € 8.5 million

Call topics will also see some changes:

  • Healthcare and biotechnology (SMEInst-05 topic): for cell technologies Phase 1 will be closed off in 2017, the topic will continue to all Phase 1 projects from 2016 and for Phase 2 projects from 2016 and 2017. In addition ,the projects in this topic can now last up to 36 months instead of the regular 12-14 months duration for other topics.
  • Blue growth (SMEInst-08 topic): more focus is put on marine litter prevention in the text of the call
  • Security (SMEInst-13 topic): from January 2017, actions to improve cyber security are encouraged to take into account the objectives of theCybersecurity contractual Public-Private Partnership and the corresponding Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

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