Patent Assessment

patentWe have now added Patent Assessment to our core service package.

Patents offer a startup a significant competitive advantage. Several studies show that a patent helps securing venture capital and is a predictor of a successful exit (e.g. ‘Can patent data predict the success of startups?‘ by MINES ParisTech)

However, startups often lack information and resources about how to start the process of obtaining a patent. Also, often patent professionals, used to working with large companies with unlimited resources, will not provide the best solution that fits the needs of a startup, which is obtaining a grant in the shortest possible time. Therefore, EU Startup Services has put together a service to accelerate the process.

This service consists of:

  • an initial examination of the technology developed by the startup in order to identify patentable subject-matter. This step requires face-to-face or online meeting with the technical division of the startup.
  • based on the initial examination, a complete patentability analysis, involving the identification of relevant prior art, the identification of differences and the assessment of whether the differentiating features provide a novel and inventive solution to a technical problem.
  • guidance in the choice of the best solution for submitting the patent application based on the startup’s budget and the need of obtaining a grant quickly. Options such as a national filing, a filing throught the EPO or the WIPO will be considered and the best option proposed to the startup.
  •  help in drafting the claims and the description of the patent application. We make sure that the description satisfies the requirements of sufficiency of disclosure, which may be subject of opposition if not the case. Also, we make sure the claims are clear and do not lack essential features.
  • the client will receive a document with the full analysis comprising the above mentioned sections.

These steps will significantly accelerate the entire process. The selected patent office will receive a patent application that already respects the main patentability requirements and therefore only minor objections are expected, which will result in a granting of the patent much quicker.