SME Instrument Phase 2 Services

What is SME Instrument Phase 2?

“SME Instrument Phase 2” grants offer funding from €500,000 up to € 2.5 million for  innovation projects underpinned by a sound and strategic business plan. You can finance activities such as prototyping, miniaturisation, scaling-up, design, performance verification, testing, demonstration, development of pilot lines, validation for market replication, including other activities aimed at accelerating and scaling-up StartUps and SMEs to help them succeed.

There are 4 deadlines for Phase 2 Funding in 2016: 

  • 3rd February
  • 14th April
  • 15th June
  • 13th October

There are 4 deadlines for Phase 2 Funding in 2017: 

  • 18th January
  • 6th April
  • 1st June
  • 18th October

We can help you successfully  access Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 funding for your StartUp or SME. We provide a range of tailor-made services to help you, starting with sharing our expertise with you, helping you rate your idea and grant proposals and improve them before submitting, all the way to writing the proposal for you.


Our team of experts, led by Kumardev Chatterjee, is available to speak to you on Skype and answer all your questions on how EU Funding for StartUp works and how to get EU funding for your StartUp or SME. You can also get a real-time assessment during the call itself, of whether your StartUp or SME qualifies for EU Funding and which Phase of the SME Instrument should you apply to:


Experienced experts are available to evaluate your proposal, providing you  both written structured feedback using official templates,methods and language, as well as a follow-up Skype call to go through the written feedback and answer your questions. This will definitely help you improve your proposal before submission:


We can help you write the proposal itself in the way that it would it  meet the SME Instrument Phase 2 requirements and most importantly, the nuances that an European commission appointed proposal evaluator typically looks for during the review, therefore creating a proposal with high chances of winning: