Success stories: EU Startup Services secures 2 Phase 1 Grants in the November 2016 cut-off date of the SME Instrument

Another round of success stories, as EU Startup Services is proud to announce that they wrote 2 successful applications for the SME Instrument Phase 1 for startups from 2 countries (France and Belgium) and across one topic: Open Disruptive Innovation.

In this fourth and last round in 2016, the European Commission received 2091 proposals by the cut-off date of 9 November. The 184 SMEs selected for funding proposed 176 projects in total (multiple SMEs can be involved in one project). Most of the projects funded were in the area of transport (29). It was closely followed by ICT (26) and health (21).

The European Commission has funded a total of 1,860 SME Instrument Phase 1 projects since the launch of the programme in 2014.

These 2 new projects testify of EU Startup Services’ expertise in the above-mentioned sector and extend our overall success stories to a total of 21 companies served in the last 18 months, in 9 different countries.

We provide an overview of our success stories from the November 2016 cut-off date below:

Country: Belgium

Topic: Open Disruptive Innovation

CitizenLab is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform on which citizens co-create their city. The platform facilitates a two-way communication between the city and its citizens, and helps cities tap into the collective intelligence of citizens by matching the right urban challenges with the right citizens based on their expertise and/or interests, whilst enabling them to reach out to more citizens, to citizens it could not reach before (i.e. younger residents), and saves them resources as the CitizenLab software automatically analyses the citizens’ feedback and opinions vigorously.

The platform aims to become the leading citizen engagement platform in the world, by succeeding where already many previous attempts failed: translating a complex matter (participation and its proposal flows, staged approach and sophisticated moderation options) into a simple-to- use product with which every city administrator can get started.

Country: France

Topic: Open Disruptive Innovation

LiveJourney is developed by Your Data Consulting, a French SME launched in April 2015 by five experienced founders with combined 65 years’ worth of experience in statistical engineering, software design and development, sales and management.

It has already developed and released a working beta version of its product Live Journey, attracted five clients: GRDF (energy), Canal+ (cable television), Aramis Auto (vehicles) and MAAF (Insurance) and Gaminho (gaming). LiveJourney targets B2B customers including large enterprises that have process-based operations, in which customers or components pass through a chain of events to reach an outcome. It focuses on three key sectors: logistics and supply chains, finance and insurance and Automobile manufacturing. The company has launched in its home market of France, where it will scale up and expand to Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States, selected for their market value and reachability.

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